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ALMS Account and Offer Creation

You’re about to create an account on the new ALMS Solution that is now compatible with:

  • New AirLink XR Series routers
  • Cellular connectivity from Sierra Wireless, including AirLink Ready to Connect (R2C) compatible routers

To complete this process, you will need some information to create and configure your account.

Required Information

Unique e-mail address

Optional Information

Supporting Offers that include paid connectivity requires billing information so that Sierra Wireless can complete the monthly billing for your connectivity.

If you do not provide billing information, your account will still be created, but the Offers created in the new account will be limited to those that are included in the purchase price of your device (AirLink Complete and AirLink Premium). Additional Offers can always be added later.

SEPA Billing Information

Billing contact residency

Authorization to enter a billing relationship with Sierra Wireless

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